Monday, April 2, 2018

Rule of Thirds

In the first photo I used the rule of third by putting the Rubik's Cube in the top right grid. In the second photo I used the rule by placing the pyraminx in the lower left grid. The third photo uses the rule by having the phone box in the top left grid. I like how these photos came out. I think it was a good choice using the Rubik's cube in the first picture because the red side attracts the eye and also in the second photo and third photos the colors in pyraminx and on the phone box attract your eyes. It works because the other colors in the pictures are very bland and normal.

Point of View

I chose to take pictures of my favorite sauce, catalina sauce. Otherwise known as taco sauce. As you see in the background of the fourth picture my taco salad that I ate after taking these pictures. I think my pictures I chose to keep look pretty good. I like the second one because it is a nice clear close up photo of the sauce. I also like the fourth picture because you can see my taco salad in the background, waiting to be eaten.